Virtual Reality Features

Hi All,

There are a couple of fun virtual reality features on my website that I would like to tell you about in case you are not already aware of them.
First, when you find a painting that you find interesting, you can view it in different rooms to see if you like how it might look in your own home. Simply click on the painting, then click on the “wall preview button”, which is under the description of the painting.
When you click on “wall preview” you can then select the color of the wall and the room type to preview the piece in an actual room. You can even change the size if you are considering a print instead of an original. I have included an example of this in the photo above.  It really is a great way to see if you are going to like it in your own house over a couch, bed, desk etc.  You can try this option on a computer or on a cell phone.
The second feature, which works only on a cell phone, allows you to project a painting onto the wall of an actual room in your house. It is called “Live Preview AR”. The button for this option is right above the “wall preview” option. When you click on the button, the painting image will show up in your camera on your phone. You then face the phone in the direction of the wall that you have in mind for the piece and, voila, you can see it as it will look in your actual room.
Please give these features a try and let me know what you think of them.
Have a great weekend!