New Merchandise!


Happy 2023 to you and your families!
Whether your New Year's resolution included adding a little more art into your daily life or you're looking for a unique gift or house accent, I've got some exciting news for you! I will now be offering merchandise on my website! Yes, I said merchandise. Pretty cool! The best part is that my merchandise, along with my prints, are available for shipping now, even though I am currently in Grenada.
Here's a list of the merchandise options available now with pricing:

  1. Decorative throw pillows - $18 to $36
  2. Tote bags - $24 to $29
  3. Phone cases (I-phones and Samsung) - $20 to $38
  4. Mugs - $11 to $13
  5. Puzzles - $28
  6. Coasters - $35
  7. Prints on paper, canvas, metal and wood - $25 and up

Exploring the merchandise and shopping on my site are only a click away at From this page, you can select any artwork image that you like and it will take you to a product page where you will find the merchandise options and pricing listed. 
Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions.
Happy Shopping!