How Dry Was Your January?

Hi Everyone,
Well, I did it! I completed 31 days of not drinking alcohol. I guess it is kind of sad to be excited about completing a task like this, especially for those who have given up alcohol altogether, but after just coming off 30 days on a cruise ship with the drink package, it feels like quite the accomplishment.
That being said, I am not overly impressed by the physical results. Has this dry January thing been over-hyped? Aren’t I supposed to feel like I could run a marathon with my skin glowing and mind so sharp that it could slice a beer can at this point?
My wife Mary and I both took a month off of alcohol while we were in Grenada and, frankly, were expecting more noticeable results. I guess I can’t see the benefits to my body from abstaining, though I’m thinking my liver and other internal organs welcomed the relief.  

We heard from friends who modified the theme a bit to suit their own needs. From one friend, “Oh, I gave up wine for January, but I still allowed myself to have mixed drinks.”  From another, “We lasted 10 days and we are happy with that.” From yet another, “I gave up the hard stuff, but still drank my beer.” I told them all that they had a damp January vs. dry January. Baby steps people!
My wife and I rewarded ourselves with an infamous Grenada rum punch accented by their local nutmeg on February 1st! How dry was your January? Did you realize any great benefits? Do you plan to stick with the tradition?
Honestly, I think for me personally, it will be a one and done dry January for me or maybe I will try February when it is not a leap year. I miss the blue cheese olives in my martinis too much to stay completely sober for 1/12th of any future year!
Please share your story with me,