Behind the Piece - Kindred Spirit

Hey Folks,

I've received many emails and questions from people visiting the galleries I'm represented in asking me what my motivation was when I created certain paintings.  Consequently, I thought it would be fun to feature one painting per month and share the story/motivation behind my creating the piece.
I hope that you enjoy this approach and I very much look forward to your comments and feedback along the way.
To kick off this process, I have chosen the painting Kindred Spirit (shown above) as the featured painting for March.
I have always found the Spanish abstract artist Joan Miro’s work compelling. When I started working on this particular painting, I must have been channeling a wee bit of Joan. I wanted to create a playful piece that incorporated wildlife and humans in a not so obvious way.

As always, I start with color first and then add shapes to emphasize the points that I am trying to convey. If you look closely at this piece, you should see a sheep, a couple of birds, a couple of humans, a frog, a snake or two and who knows what else (my interpretation of course).

I really hope you enjoy the sentiment here… color breeds harmony in the world’s glorious ecosystem.
As of this writing, this painting is at the Coco Gallery in Estero, Florida and is still available for sale.

Let me know what you think!