Behind the Piece - I've Seen that Movie Too

Hi Folks,
I hope this note finds you well!

This month’s featured painting is I’ve Seen that Movie Too.
The title comes from an old Elton John song. It was on the “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album and remains one of my favorite EJ songs to this day. Usually, I paint something and then name it, but not in this case. I knew I wanted to use the title, but I didn’t know what I wanted to paint to align with the name.
I put my blank canvas on the easel and then thought about some of my favorite earlier pieces and went with those as my motivation. I figured if it turned out similar to something I painted in the past that the word, “too”, would at least make sense. I put the “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” record on my turntable and let the brushes do the rest.
I’ve Seen That Movie Too builds on some of the characters that I have painted before in pieces like Outreach and Carry You to Safety. I expanded the cast a bit in this painting. The title ended up fitting the piece like a glove and it reminds me of an animated movie that I saw when I was a kid, Harry Nilsson's The Point. I am hoping you may have seen it too!
This piece is between galleries right now, so it is available on my website should you know someone that might find it interesting.
Wishing you the best,