Behind the Piece - Whole in my Heart

Hi Everyone,

Before I started to work on this particular painting, I sat down and reflected a lot on the prior 2 years. At first, I conjured up all the negative emotions that I felt, which really wasn’t hard for me to do. As some of you already know, my wife, Mary and I had been traveling the world non-stop for 2 1/2 years before COVID shut us down. We were stuck in Quito, Ecuador for 4 months due to the pandemic and we were forced to cancel another year of travel that we had planned.
We returned to Florida in June of 2020 and settled into a condo on the Gulf Coast and were faced with the harsh reality of the pandemic. It was a depressing and hopeless time, being removed from friends and family, the fear of getting sick, feeling trapped and wondering what the future held.
After contemplating those times and taking a few deep breaths, I began working on this painting. I found myself feeling more optimistic, hopeful and thankful for the positive things in my life. My wife and I had just gotten together with our kids and lifelong friends for a wedding and we had other trips to look forward to. Alas, there was light at the end of the tunnel.
Consequently, I selected a very upbeat color pallet and thought of the message that I wanted to convey. I wanted to show the healing of my heart, hence the name Whole in My Heart.

This painting is headed for the Coco Gallery in Naples at the Coastland Center Mall next Saturday. It is in a beautiful custom floating frame.
Let me know your thoughts.
All the best,