Breaking News!


Hey Folks,
I am pleased to announce my new partnership with Five 3 Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. They will be representing me to thousands of collectors and interior designers. Several of my pieces will also be displayed in their gallery. 
This gallery relationship is in addition to the one that I have with Coco Art Gallery in Estero, Florida.
In my last email, I mentioned winning the Collector’s Vision International Art Award.
Here is the announcement from Contemporary Art Curator Magazine:
We are proud to recognize Garry Scott Wheeler by presenting him with the 2021 Collector’s Vision International Award. This Award is meant to recognize and encourage the outstanding achievements and potential of today’s artists. It is awarded to an artist who has achieved a body of work of major cultural significance and celebrates current artists who share their talent and heritage with the world. It is a highly anticipated Award presented to the most outstanding and talented artists working in the art world now. The recipient of the Award is chosen by an independent, international jury made up of art world experts: owners of galleries, curators, art collectors and art fair consultants.
Here is the link to my interview with Contemporary Art Curator Magazine: 
Obviously, I couldn’t be more excited about receiving such recognition!

I have been busy in my studio over the last month. Here's the link to check out some of my new pieces.
Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

Warm regards,