Bon Voyage!

Hi Folks,
I am not going to be featuring a painting this month or for several months for that matter. Instead, I wanted to let you know that my wife Mary and I will be returning to international travel starting on 10/31.
We have been renting in Naples while our house is being built. It was supposed to be completed in August, but now we are being told that we will be lucky to close by March. Of course with the unprecedented hurricane that just hit us, they are now predicting it to be even longer.
Consequently, we have decided not to pay the seasonal rental rates in Naples while we continue to wait. Instead, we will be traveling and seeking new adventures like the one above until our house is finished.
Consequently, my art business will be on hold until we return. I will be suspending online orders and not showing in any galleries as of 10/28.

For those of you who are in battered Southwest Florida, I will be a featured artist in the Abstraction Moods Interacitve Exhibit at the Marco Island Center for the Arts from October 10th to November 22. Here is a link to the details. The show must go on!
I will be back in touch once we return to Florida. I would like to wish you all the best in the meantime.
Best regards,