Behind the Piece - From the Beginning

I channeled Jackson Pollock when I created this three piece set. Recently, I posted a photo of the paintings on Reddit and I received many interpretations. The most popular opinion was that it is like looking down on 3 swimming pools from a distance and seeing people and/or fish swimming in them.

Honestly, that was not something that I was going for when I painted the set, but I respect the viewpoint! That is what is great about abstracts vs. realism. Everyone is going to see something a little different when they view your work. I was going for more of a view of the big bang, hence the name.

From the Beginning is a result of painting over 3 pieces that I wasn’t happy with. The benefit of doing so was utilizing the texture that I had already laid down on the previous attempts. This gave me a great base to work for this.

The pieces measure 13” x 25” each with their frames and the colors are stunning in person.

Hope you enjoy them!